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Tea Time Preview: Relationships are 50/50

Let's be real here, many relationships fail to recognize that relationships are 50/50. Let's talk about it.

Surprisingly, many people would come to me for dating advice. When people ask me what they should do if their relationship -- or friendship, is on the fritz, I will have an answer that makes sense to that person. It just depends on what the situation is. To date, I have seen many of the common relationships out there, including toxic and abusive ones. Believe me, I've seen it with my parents growing up.

Based on the relationships I have seen, I can see there is always a breakdown in the common principle most people call "50/50." Relationships are the stepping stones of human existence and whether they are romantic or friendly, our connection with other people define who we are and how we navigate a troubling society.

50/50 is the common piece of relationship advice I give because it is common sense to make sure everyone is on the same page. But what does this mean, and how can we include common sense into the picture? In this blog post, we'll explore some ideas of the 50/50 relationship principle.

Interested to learning more? Stay tuned, the full entry will be available on September 8th, 2023.



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