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One week later, it still hurts.

Content Warning: The following post contains material that may be harmful or traumatizing to some audience.

Today marks one week since the tragic events at Michigan State University. I've been an alumni member for almost a year and never have I experienced a quiet campus turn into a traumatizing experience that took the lives of three people. Students come to school to learn, better themselves, or find a community of their own. To experience this tragic event is devastating.

It was a normal day of work and I catch the bus home. So far, so good. I also stopped to get something to eat. Around 8:08 p.m., I left the downtown East Lansing area. On my walk home, I have seen people running frantically in my direction. I stopped one of them and asked what was going on. "RUN! There's an active shooter!" one student said. I ran with them to the apartment complex where I reside. I wasted no time barricading the doors and going into complete lockdown.

For five hours, hearts were racing and people were confused and scared. I don't blame them. I went to work the next day after all of this had happened. I work as a news producer and it just didn't feel right being there. I was thinking of the voices from that experience and to have to write about that is heart-wrenching. Families have lost their loved ones and the community is grieving for them.

I consider Michigan State University to be my home. I've met so many people in the Spartan community, each with their own perspectives on making the world a better place. For some, it was their first year or their last one. To have another act of senseless violence happen in a place you know and love is absolutely appalling. A question that we may not get an answer to: When is enough, enough?

To my Spartan brothers and sisters, just know that I am here to support you during this trying time. It's okay to not be okay. It's okay to feel however you want to feel. My thoughts and condolences are with the families who lost their loved ones and the entire community. There are a list of resources available to all in need. Click here for more information.



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