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#MyTop5: Childhood TV Shows

In the first #MyTop5, I'll be giving my top five childhood TV shows. Trust me, this was very hard as there are a lot of shows that can make this list, but these are the top five that made the cut.

Now, who doesn't love TV? I mean, I grew up with a few shows that I have watched from my childhood, from Nickelodeon to Cartoon Network. Without further ado, here are my top five TV shows of all time.

That's So Raven

"Seeing trouble from a distance, but it's not that easy...." - Raven Symoné

Who doesn't love That's So Raven? Me and my sisters use to watch ALL of the seasons over and over again on a daily basis. For those who don't know, this was indeed a favorite back then. The show focuses on Raven, who has psychic abilities. Her visions come and go and oftentimes, she and her friends Eddie (Orlando Brown) and Chelsea (Anneliese van der Pol) find themselves in tough situations.

Oh, and you can't forget Cory and his limitless scams to get money (lol!). In every episode, there is a lesson to be learned.

My favorite episode is "That's So Not Raven" (Season 2, Episode 1). In the episode, Raven has a vision that she is modeling one of her fashion designs. However, her vision isn't what she thought it was. When her fashion design is featured in a magazine, her body is altered to make her look slim.

She tries to get to the bottom of things. When she does, the head of the agency said she love the dress, but doesn't love her wearing it, stating that she doesn't have "the look." When I was watching this episode, I was like "Oh hell no." She was body shaming her.

Raven is discouraged and tries to exercise to be able to fit in the dress and model it. At the end of the show, Raven leaves a powerful message on body image, saying "People come in all shapes and sizes and they're all beautiful." The message stuck with me. I've struggled with body image for a long time. People used to call me skinny bones and it would always make me look in the mirror and question myself. However, I've overcome that stage.

That's So Raven is available on Disney+, and there's a spinoff called "Raven's Home," where Raven has children and the son gets psychic abilities. I highly recommend watching it.

Regular Show

"Clean up this mess right now... or you're FIRED!" - Benson

I started watching this show when I was in high school. Regular show tells the many adventures of two park workers, Mordecai and Rigby. Now, the many adventures range from getting trapped in time to saving the universe from complete and uttler peril.

The gags, one liners and the many "OHHHHHHHHHs" really have me in tears.

One of my favorite episodes from this series is the finale. Overtime, Pops (the park boss) became the main protagonist in this show. It turns out that he had an evil counter part who vowed to kill Pops and the only way to save the universe was to send himself and the evil counterpart into the sun.

Watch the show here.

Drake and Josh

"...and if you open up your mind (See what's inside)" - Drake Bell

Now, you haven't watched Nickeloden until you've watched Drake and Josh (or any of the Dan Schneider series).

Now, I love Victorious, Sam and Cat, and Zoey 101, but nothing tops this show. Drake and Josh are two brothers who come from different parents. Drake is the chill, doesn't-care-about-anything brother and Josh is the smart and somewhat introverted one.

Each episode focuses on a situation that the duo get into. Whether it's babysitting a baby or getting entangled with a criminal. What really cracks me up about this show is Josh, he reminds me of myself when I was a teenager.

One of my favorite episodes from the series is "Really Big Shrimp." In the episode, Drake creates a song that catches the attention of a music label. When this happens, Josh takes the role of being Drake's manager. However, Josh forgets to read a contract that sells aways the creative rights to his song, making it horrible.

Josh devises a plan to get the right song on the air of a football game. He manages to do it, but gets in trouble for it. However, the twist was the song actually was a hit and the two are excited to see Drake's music career take off. It's a bittersweet episode, Helen gets married as well.


"In five, four, three, two... (points to Carly and Sam) - Nathan Kress

This was the second foundation of childhood when I was little. It's amazing how three friends can come together and create a popular web show within a matter of minutes.

The show features Carly (Miranda Cosgrove), Sam (Jeanette McCurdy), and Freddie (Nathan Kress), who are friends who managed to make the dream a reality. Surprisingly, the show started when Freddie recorded Sam and Carly at the talent show. Sam and Carly had to run auditions because of one of Sam's pranks.

My favorite episode of iCarly is "iQuit iCarly." When I watched this episode, I was thinking: "this is the end of my childhood." In the episode, Sam and Carly collaborate with two other upcoming web stars for a chance to win a competition from iShorts.

The collaboration quickly turns sour when Dave and Fleck (who had their own show), can't agree on certain things. This leads to a rift in the collaboration, not just with the guys, but with Sam and Carly as well. This causes tension between the four, who chose their sides.

My favorite part in the episode is when Carly was hanging onto the end of the window washer's platform. Sam and Carly set aside their differences to get to safety and at the end of the episode, the four premiere their entry for the competition.

What are your top five? Let me know down in the comment.


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