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#MyTop5: Animated Disney Shows

In this week's edition of #MyTop5, we take a look at the top animated disney channel shows which is responsible for most of my bad puns. Believe me, this one was... interesting.

Now, I didn't watch Disney Channel that much when I was younger. I don't know why I didn't watch it, but I didn't. Most of the time, I'd be watching Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon. When I did watch Disney Channel, I watched only the reality comedy shows like "That's So Raven" and "Cory's House." You can check out another #MyTopFive, which has a combination of the different reality shows I watched. It wasn't until I was leaving eighth grade when I found some animated shows to watch. Without further ado, let's get to it:

Star vs. the Forces of Evil

This show started when I was in high school, and ended when I graduated... Bummer, right?

Star vs. the Forces of Evil features a magical teenage girl named Star Butterfly, who is sent from her home planet of Mewnie to train her new powers on Earth. She enrolls as a student at a local high school where she makes friends with Marco Diaz. Together, Marco and Star travel through the multiverse and gets into trouble.

Star and Marco have this friendship that one could question to be... odd. Although Marco seems like a cool dude, he loves the thrill of each adventure. Star is one hyperactive teenager who is very energetic. You could be having the worst day and she comes to help you out.

The storyline of this show was a shocker. As the show unfolded, you learned more about Star and how she was raised. The backstories and arcs in the show play very well. Not to mention Star's crazy names for some of her spells are hilariously funny.

Gravity Falls

What do you get when you put horror, thriller, mystery, comedy and drama in an animated TV show? You get Gravity Falls! When I watched this show, I was honestly shook. It tells the many myserious adventures inside a fictional town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. Siblings Dipper (Jason Ritter) and Mabel (Kristen Schaal) spent their summer from Piedmont, California to live with their great uncle Stan.

Dipper and Mabel stay at "The Mystery Shack," a souvenir store and help out around the shop as need. Each episode finds different anomalies through the town. My best episode from this series is the three-part series finale. In "Weirdageddon," Dipper, Mabel and the town must fight to take back control of their town from an evil demon. Each episode of this epic battle was filled with a thrill to watch the next.

I really would have liked to see the twins go through their teen years together. They had a pretty cool brother-sister dynamic. The good news is that the creator has confirmed that he would be open to making more seasons for the series and even specials. Read more about that here.

Kim Possible

Now, what would I be without this show? Let me tell you, this was probably my first animated Disney show that I loved the action in. This one definitely tops my list.

Kim Possible tells the story of a teenage girl who works as a superhero to protect her city. She also has a sidekick named "Ron Stoppable." The way the last names rhyme though is crazier within itself. She and her sidekick run into common enemies and countless adventures together.

When I was watching this, I was questioning: "How could she do all of that AND go to school?" I know keeping the city safe is a huge risk and responsibility, even it means sacrificing your life for it.

The dynamic between Kim and Ron is interesting. Ron is more of an introvert, keeping to himself. However, he does have times where he's more social.

Plus, this show featured Raven-Symone. Yes, the girl that plays as herself in "That's So Raven." The stuff she does in the show is beyond hilarious and it adds a little sass in the show.

The series ended with Kim and Ron finding themselves trying to protect the world from complete chaos on their graduation day. They have two things to do: save the world and graduate. The way the series ended was beyond amazing, being able to save the world and graduate from high school was phenomenal.

Phineas and Ferb

Talk about a summer full of adventures by two brothers! They are determined to make every day of the their summer vacation fun. Meanwhile, the boys' pet platypus Perry acts as a secret agent for an all-animal government organization called the O.W.C.A. ("Organization Without a Cool Acronym"), fighting Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz.

The cool part about watching this was the music that went into it. My favorite is titled "Backyard Beach," played on the episode when Phineas and Ferb make a beach in the backyard of their home.

My favorite episode was "Across the 2nd Dimension." This episode was a movie where Phineas and Ferb figure out that perry is a special agent. Their sister, Candace is the hilarious one of them all. She always looking for a way bust her brothers, but have all failed by a longshot.


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