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Is J. K. Rowling a Squib?

For this first collaboration, one writer gives you their conspiracy theory.

A stranger walks towards you at the subway and says, “I am born in a magical household but need your help to find my superpower.”

Other than confusion, are you excited or annoyed at this little prank? Your excitement must be equivalent to your belief in Narnia. But are you one of those who do not believe in conspiracy theories? Life must get real boring for you. Let me prove my favorite conspiracy theory.

I believe that ‘J. K. Rowling is a Squib’! You will probably not get that statement if you are not a Potterhead. J. K. Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter series. In the books, a squib has been described as a person who is born from wizard parent(s) but can’t do any magic.

The following are the proofs to make my case. *Puts on my lawyer Halloween costume*

Spotlight on me, no no, too bright, okay, I’m ready.

1. The book describes Hogwarts in great detail which can only be known by an insider. Ms. Rowling must have a family or friend who informed her all about the place.

2. Ms. Rowling could read and write the spells without causing any reaction making it seem like she is a muggle. But in reality, she’s just a squib who memories all these spells but could not use them.

3. The Minister of magic has been in contact with the muggle (human) Prime Ministers during times of adversity. Rowling wrote the books as a precaution in case of a mass reveal of the wizarding world, we are not surprised or violent.

Your honor, I rest my case.


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