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Complete The Story: Reflecting on life

This new blog series will focus on completing a story based on the sentence provided. This ought to be interesting.

Here's the first one:

It was that fleeting hour of the day when the moon and sun are high and bright at the same time. Like many things in my life, these summer nights wouldn't last much longer. I sat quietly on a bench in a park in East Lansing as I watch the constellations align in the night sky. I think to myself: it's time to reflect on your life so far.

As I'm sitting on the park bench, I'm thinking of all of the things I have endured during my adulthood years. I'm 23 and I can tell you that reflecting on your life can be quite an adventure. I started mapping out where my career will take me next after my first job is up in 2024. I have two degrees, one of which is in journalism. I'm thinking that I want to try something in media and information, maybe a photographer or a social media manager.

As the night goes by, I get into a deep thinking phase. This time, I'm thinking about where this year would take me as far as what I want to accomplish this year. So far, I have accomplished one goal, and it's starting a blog based around community culture, lifestyle, and nostalgia. So far, it's getting a lot of attention.

I will not lie, having a full-time job is also a task to complete. Each day working is a different one, whether it's reporting on a recent crime in the community to seeing crazy videos in the Lansing area. Believe me, some of the news be funny reporting, to be honest. Each day is a test of my ability, patience, and discipline. There will be times I get burned out, but I enjoy it at the end of the day.

What will tomorrow hold? Only I will know.

New "Complete The Story" coming next Sunday at noon EST!



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